Tube fittings, instrumentation tube fitings have four precision components machined on CNC Lathe machines namely, Nut (with silver plating), Back Ferrule (Tip hardening), Front Ferrule & the Body. We carefully design and manufacture each component of these instrumentation tube fittings to ensure high performance and torque free seal in process tubings. The wide variety of instrumentation fittings offered like instrumentation tube fittings, industrial pipe fittings, metal tube fittings, steel tube fittings are tested on parameters including high pressure, impulse, vibration, vacuum, temperature, pull-out and burst pressure (As per standard BS 4368 part 4). Thus, ensuring optimum reliability and operational safety. Our instrumentation tube fittings, instrumentation fittings, industrial tube fittings, metal tube fittings and tube fittings offered are in standard & custom required dimensions. The standard array is completely interchangeable / compatible with similar fittings of other manufacturers.
Design : Double Ferrule Type & Single Ferrule
Size Range : 1/16" Tube OD to 2" tube OD
End Connection : ODT / NPT / BSP / SW / BW
Material : SS 316 / SS 304 / CS / Monel / Brass / Nace MR-01-75
Pressure Rating : 300 PSIG to 10000 PSIG

Assembly Diagram Of Tube FIttings
  • Fittings are designed to withstand high-pressure service and severe operation Conditions.
  • They make safe joint, which hold tight beyond the bursting the bursting strength of the Tubing itself.
  • They meet the severe requirements of the industry performance test on pressure, vibration, impulse, repeated assembly etc.
  • Fittings are very easy to assemble because they require no threading, flaring, welding, soldering only open wrench is needed.
- Male Connector - Female Connector
- Tube Union - Male Run Tee
- Tube Cap - Male Br. Tee
- Male Elbow - Bulk Head Union
- Female Elbow - Union Elbow
- Reducing Union - Female Br. Tee
- Tube Plug
Fittings are able to prevent leakage & increase safety & reliability of oil, gas or water pipe lines.