INVENTUM as reputed Engineering company manufacturing various instrument Erection hardware items including double & single compression type tube fittings, pipe fittings (SW& Scrd), all types of valves including needle , ball & 2,3,5, Way valves Manifolds , Condensate pots, air headers, syphons, snubbers, thermowells.

At INVENTUM maintaining high quality products is regular practice & to support the same, we have all house test facilities such as pressure, impulse. Vibration , temperature Cycling , vacuum test etc.

We at INVENTUM ENGINEERS are engaged in manufacturing superior quality & high precision Valves & Tube Fittings for industrial use. We strive hard to produce accurate products that can enhance our customers' instrumentation integrity & reduce production cost by simplifying assembly procedure. We have evolved ourselves to a commendable level through continuous upgradaiion of technology & improvising our workers' manufacturing skills to keep pace with global market. Our progressive business practices enable us to listen & understand customers' needs & develop appropriate products.

Recently we have EXPORTED Fittings & Valves to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, JAKARTA, Canada, Singapore & South Africa, This has given us a new feather in our cap and also endorsed our product out side India Our constant effort is to improve our quality has brought us to the level of reputation of competing in International Business .